In an effort to reintroduce adults and children to the natural beauty of creating functional vessels from earth material, Kivi passionately leads public Workshops in basic hand building and glazing techniques.  Creations are fired, finished and taken home by participant's for safe and daily use.


Kivi Spiro is an Artist, Teacher and Social Entrepenuer.
He lives and works in Antwerp, Belgium.

Kivi's Art career began as a social endeavour. 

After opening a clubhouse for the youth of his locale, he sought a pastime for their engagement.  Hand Pottery was the one he chose for them.  But it soon became Kivi's own pastime too!

At work today, Kivi likes to play with the oddities and mishaps which can occur in clay during studio process.  He delights in (harmless) accidents which he considers "nature guiding my work".