Mezuza holders:

I've found a lot of meaning in Judaic Art and have always felt like teaching the beauty of Mitzvos, with Art.  These Mezuza holders are my first offering.  Many more styles are emerging in the studio (see Events),

So, more mezuzas soon Bezr"h!

Wall Planters: 

First made for the season souvenirs I'd bring indoors  - Spring blossoms, mossed bark, garden weeds, autumn leaves.  In winter, dead and peeling twigs etc.

As seen, these planters are part-designed by Nature herself.  As such, unfortunately, many don't make it to market.
Nature doesn't always stop it's design warping and cracking of my pots in time, and so they're often rendered unusable.  Unusable pots still serve as beautiful lessons to me.  And as I learn to better predict the habits of earthenware clay, I'll be able to step up production of these humble but elegant creations.

In the meantime, they are precious!